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February 13, 2006



I am positive you know far, far more about Davenport history than I. But your post made me think of this.

It's interesting to me how often Iowa, in general, and even Davenport, is evoked as a specific catchphrase for all that is white bread and whole milk, so to speak. Yet I have found it to be much more nuanced than that in the years that I have lived here, and certainly more so than other midwestern states and towns with which I am familiar.

Arguably, I have found it a more tolerant place, as well, at least compared to a good chunk of the state in which I lived on the East Coast.

Anyway, fun post.

Brendan Wolfe

Outstanding. Thanks for the link. And you are wrong: I know very, very little about Davenport history. This is terrible & I blame my mom & my dad & the Davenport Community School District & the University of Iowa . . . everyone, really, but me. Still, I plan to rectify this oversight come the conclusion of my Bix book. Davenport needs a book, even if it's a half-assed one written by me. Col. Davenport alone deserves a miniseries.

You are right that Davenport is an interesting, relatively complex, and nuanced place. It mixes high & low culture, Old Money & new malls, bratwurst & burritoes, tough-guy politics & nice-guy, Midwestern charm.

More tolerant than the East Coast? In New Hampshire, I lived down the street from neo-Nazis and down the highway from Abe's Awesome Armaments. Thank God it's not New Hampshire. (With all due respect to my friends there.) I'm not sure if it's more (or less) tolerant, though, but I suspect that I'm too close.

Either way, I appreciate the comment. Thanks.

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