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June 18, 2006


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Mike Smolinsky

I just checked out the two Deacon songs you linked. WTF? They're really strange. Funny, though.

Brendan Wolfe

More so the latter than the former. WTF & funny are attributes I tend to embrace in songs, but that's just me.

Mike Smolinsky

Not to beat a dead horse, but you might recall the interesting debate we had about "authenticity" in music. Anyway, I saw this from Babies Are Fireproof today:

"My current favorite song of all time is "Yesterdays" by Guns n' Roses. My yesterdays include the first time around this was my favorite song of all time, which adds a dimension, of course. But it isn't just a nice counterpoint to McCartney's take on the matter, it's further confirmation in my mind that part of Axl Rose's appeal is the way he postures- completely free of apology or irony, but never lacking in self-awareness. Others like him come to mind, but they had their imbalances (Jagger was too calculated and Plant was too horny, etc)that got in the way of this particular harmony. And that's what it is: harmonious."

"The way he postures--free of apology or irony, but never lacking in self-awareness." Of course, this is about performance, not quality of music, but it implies a whole aesthetic stance, doesn't it?

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