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February 24, 2010


Glenda Childress

Thanks for this interesting interview, Brendan.

I just encountered Muldaur's work through your "Bix Mix" here and a coincidental NPR segment on his new album "Texas Sheiks" which featured his version of "Take Your Tomorrow" and referred back to NPR's review of his earlier "Private Astronomy: A Vision of the Music of Bix Beiderbecke."

I'd like to see more of your interview with him.

Brendan Wolfe

Thanks, Glenda. I'll post more soon. Muldaur goes way back. He and his now ex-wife Maria were in Jim Kweskin's Jug Band in the sixties, and he's been putting out records ever since. His passion for and knowledge of folk, blues, jazz, and even classical music is pretty amazing.

Elliot Majerczyk

Great interview and would also like to read more. Muldaur's knowledge of music is something else. I'd love to hear a radio show with him hosting. Also his recordings, from his days at Elektra records to today, are always a joy to listen to. I'm an admirer of "Private Astronomy", particularly the track "In a Mist".


Interesting and true from Mr Muldaur. We want our creators and favorites to be worthy of the praise we give them, not monsters of ego.

Most of the biography I've read on Bix is not favorable to his family, citing their bourgeois concerns. The last time I visited Bix's grave, September of Last year, I did a Blind Lemon Jefferson on them. The mowing in Oakdale is not expert, pretty slip-shod actually. I cleaned grass off all the stones, so I'd say symbolically I've adopted Bix and his family.

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